How to check Stripe payments information?

Updated 10 months ago by Filipa

If your Stripe account is activated on Amenitiz, you can now check on each of your reservations the payments that passed through Stripe. To do so, go to > Reservations on your administrator area. Then, on the booking you wish to follow the payments, click on > View booking details:

Now, go to Payments section and you will be able to find all the logged transactions and all the Stripe payments that are automatically launched:

As you can see, you will find here all payments received, all payments yet to come and you are able to directly here cancel (and refund) the payment to your client or simply cancel a payment yet to be done.

If you want further details about the payment or any issue with the payment, we strongly advise you to connect directly to your Stripe account.
Stripe is not affiliated with Amenitiz, so we do not have access to your account information. It is impossible for us to intervene directly on your account. If you have specific questions about how Stripe works, we invite you to consult Stripe support.

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