How do I use Stripe with my Amenitiz account?

Have you activated your Stripe account? Great! Great!

Learn how to use it with these few simple steps!

First, you just have to define whether or not you want to use Stripe when booking. If you choose yes, as soon as a customer makes a reservation with you by credit card, you will receive the money in your bank account! However, you will not have access to the customer's credit card information!

Then simply click on "Save".

 After activating you must go to your terms and conditions of sale to indicate how you want to receive the money following a booking on your Amenitiz booking engine.
Stripe is not affiliated with Amenitiz, and therefore we do not have access to any information related to your account. As a result, it is then impossible for us to intervene directly on your account in case of need of assistance. If you have specific questions about how Stripe works, we invite you to consult the Stripe support.

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