How does the city tax report work?

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The city tax report gives you an ESTIMATION of the city tax for all your bookings in order to allow to declare it to the authorities for a specific time period.

Keep in mind that some OTAs declare city taxes directly to the municipality.

Finding the city report report

  1. Login to your Amenitiz account
  2. Go to the Reports section
  3. Click on the Reports subsection

How is the city tax estimation calculated?

The city tax is estimated by booking and by room category by multiplying the city tax you have set up in Settings < Taxes by the number of adults and the numbers of night.

For example, if you export your city tax report for the month of April and your city tax is 1.5€ all year long and for all room categories. You have hosted 50 guests in April, for 1 night each, then your city tax estimation is (50*1.5=) 75€.

However, bear in mind, that this an estimation!

The report only provides you with an estimation because depending on your OTA settings, some OTAs send the city tax separately and others include it in the price. It is therefore not possible for Amenitiz to extract that data.

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