How to set up a pricing per person?

To access the rooms, click on "Property" in your Amenitiz administrator area sidebar, a submenu will appear below and you can click on the "Rooms" tab.

You will then have an overview of the rooms you have created.

Click on "Add a rate per person" located at the bottom right of each room.

A window will appear to create a pricing for a number of people.

You will then be able to choose:

  • The number of people corresponding to this pricing,
  • The type of variation based on the default price,
  • The amount of the variation.

Finally, click on "Create" to save your rates.

The variation is always based on the default price, visible from your schedule.

Example of pricing per person for a room of 4 people:

  • 1 person: discount of 25 €,
  • 2 people: default price,
  • 3 people: increase of 25 € (1 x 25 €),
  • 4 people: increase of 50 € (2 x 25 €).

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