How to close the OTA access of a room for a specific day?

To close a room for an OTA for a specific day, simply click on "Inventory" in the sidebar of your Amenitiz administrator area.

Here are the steps to follow to make this change:

  1. Please go to the tab > Rate Plans:
  1. Select the start date of the period to load (the next 30 days will be loaded from this date):
  1. Then please proceed to the room and line corresponding to the OTA rate you wish to close:
  1. Select the box corresponding to the day and room you wish to close and click on the small logo. When it turns red, it indicates that the rate is closed for that date.
  2. The change will be automatically saved!

Use the > Bulk Update button to help you apply this change over a longer period of time.
You have the possibility to close your OTA rate also from > Global view. Here you have the "close rate" section for each room and you can also use it from > Bulk update button.

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