How to modify the price of a room for a specific day?

To modify the price for one of your rooms for a specific day, you only have to go to "Inventory" in your Amenitiz administrator area left sidebar.

Follow these steps to make the change:

  1. In Global View, select the date you want to change in the calendar and click on "Search"
  2. The calendar will display the 30 days from that date on
  3. You will see several rows in the table, including the "Price" one:
  1. Select the box corresponding to the day you wish to modify the price and apply the change you wish:

  1. The change will be saved automatically and a message "Saved successfully" will be displayed in green.

Please be aware that these changes will be applied to the rate plan you selected before clicking on the search bar. If there are restriction plans that are derived from the one you changed, the changes will be applied to the derived plan as well. This also means that you can apply different restrictions according to the different plans you have.

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