How to set the pricing per person on my account?

Updated 3 weeks ago by Astrée Dumas

Once you created your different rooms and pricing on your Amenitiz account you cannot forget to set these changes also on side.

As a matter of fact, so that the channel manager connection can be set correctly, the two sides have to be correctly informed before setting the connection with the channel manager, so that the corresponding rates are applied once it is set live.

To do so, please connect yourself to your account.

Once you are inside, go to > Rates & Availability and to > Calendar:

You are now able to have an overview of your different rooms as well as the rates that are set for every different room.

If you want to set up an occupancy rate on your rooms, once you have set it up on your Amenitiz account, so that they also appear on your Booking calendar and are applicable, then you should notify as well of these changes.

Therefore, please go to > Inbox and > messages :

Once you get into this new page, go to > Contact us on the right side of your screen and click on it:

Click on > Compose a new message. A new message will pop up on your screen. Select "Rates & Availability" as Topic and "Create/adjust rates and prices" on your Subtopic. Then click on > Compose new message:

Here is the template to send to Booking to setup the occupancy rate for your accommodations :

Do not forget to fill in this template depending on your accommodations and the price per person you want to set up:



In anticipation of the connection of our new Channel Manager with our Booking account, I would like my rates to be automatically modified according to the occupancy of the accommodation via the "derived rates" option.

Please create a unique Standard rate which will be derived according to occupancy. Below are the details:

Here is the structure that I now want to apply to the "Standard Price" // FILL IN NAME OF THE ACCOMMODATION you want to apply the price per person//:

1-2 PEOPLE: apply the Standard price

3 PEOPLE: Increase of ** €

4 PEOPLE: Increase of ** €

5 PEOPLE: Increase of ** €

Please make these changes yourself because it requires manipulation on your side. Please confirm these changes to me by EMAIL.

Thanks in advance. 


Once you have sent this message to, they will make these changes and subsequently inform you of the change when it is implemented.

Feel free to contact the support if you need any help or additional information, or to contact us through the chat if you need it as well.

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