How to create and edit my accommodation?

Updated 10 months ago by Filipa

In order to create and edit your accommodation, simply go to > Property in the sidebar of your administrator area, then go to > Accommodations.

  1. Click on > Add a new accommodation:
  2. Choose your accommodation type
  3. Choose a name and description (both visible on your website)
  4. Define how many accommodations of this type you have
  5. Set the capacity and size (optional)
  6. Choose a room view (optional)
  7. Pricing: set the default price of your accommodation (you will later be able to set specific prices from your Inventory)
  8. Visibility on the booking engine and on your website
  9. Bedding arrangements: what type of beds and quantity you have
  10. Add amenities (optional)
  11. Pictures of your accommodation (optional)
  12. Click on > Save to update these changes into the system

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