How to add a reception hall to my property?

Updated 10 months ago by Filipa

If you want to add a reception hall to your property go to > Property in the sidebar of your administrator area, then go to > Accommodations.

  1. Click on > Add a new accommodation:
  1. Choose "Reception Hall" as your accommodation type:
  1. Fill in the required fields to create the hall. The difference with adding a classic room is that here you must specify the capacity (i.e. the number of seats available in your reception hall):

  1. Click on > Save to update the changes
  2. You will need to enter a room number and link it to your room name.

Do not forget to make your reception hall available on your booking engine if you want to. To do so, open your rate from the > Inventory.
On your booking engine, the client will have to pick his desired rental period. To finalize the booking, the client will have to mention the number of people expected on site.

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