How to send automatic emails to my clients ?

You can send automatic emails to your clients based on specific rules.

For example, you can specify a rule to send a welcome email 3 days before the arrival date, or 2 days after the reservation.

Adding a new automatic email

  • To access this feature, simply go to your settings.
  • Then go to Email
  • To add a new automatic email, click on New e-mail. From this list, you can also see, activate/deactive and edit your existing automatic emails.

Editing your automatic email

  • When adding a new email or editing an existing one, you can customize the email on the right part of the screen.

By default, the email will be sent in your language, but you can also translate it so that your customers receive it in their own language.

At any moment, you can preview the email by clicking on preview.

  • If you want to use specific information that depends on each client, use the Variables. When sending the email, the variables will be replaced with the information corresponding to the client.

For example, if you write "Hello {{First_name}}", what your client will see is "Hello John".

There is a list of all the available variables you can use on the left part of the screen. Simply copy and paste those in your mail. Use preview to check the final output, for a virtual client (John Doe).

  • Set the rules. Specify when the email will be sent: before or after arrival or departure; after the booking, the time at which it should be sent and if the email is activated or not (if an email is not activated, it is a draft and it will not be sent).

Save the email

You are all set. Every client will receive your custom email, based on the rules you specified.

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