How to create and activate gift cards?

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You now have the possibility to create and sell gift cards on your booking engine. To do so, you just have to go to > Booking engine > Gift cards:

Here, you will find all your gift cards. To create some, click on > New gift card:

You must now fill in the following fields on your gift card:

  • Name and description
  • The amount
  • Period of validity (in months)
  • An assigned image: it will be visible on your booking engine

The gift cards will appear on your booking engine, the traveler will just have to enter the dates of stay to discover them!

  1. How does the purchase of a gift card work: it can be purchased by your guests directly from your booking engine, below your rooms. To do so, simply go to > Add gift card to cart and fill in the details to proceed with the payment.
The customer who buys a gift card will have the possibility to send it directly to a friend, by email.
With each purchase, the payer will receive a confirmation email for the gift card and payment (with a reminder of the card amount and expiration date) and, if applied, a copy of the email to the recipient of the gift card containing all the information necessary to use the card.

  1. How does the payment by gift card work: when a customer decides to pay for a reservation by gift card, he will just have to enter the number of his gift card received by e-mail to validate his payment (the textfield can be found underneath the booking summary section). He will then be notified of the balance of his gift card by e-mail.

To register a gift card payment on a booking, simply go to the "Payments" section of the booking details, click on "Log payment", select the payment method "Client voucher" and enter the code of the gift card received by e-mail.

  1. Terms and conditions:
  • For the customer: once the gift card has been purchased, it cannot be deleted, canceled or refunded. The amount of the card cannot be updated. It can be used to pay for multiple reservations but it is not possible to combine multiple gift cards for the same reservation.
When an unused card reaches its expiry date, the amount is no longer valid and no refund can be made.
If the amount of the reservation exceeds the balance of the gift card, then the rest can be paid with the payment methods available at your property. For example, by card.

  • For the property owner: you can modify the settings of your gift cards as you wish. They will be effective on future gift cards and will not affect gift cards already purchased. The terms and conditions of the gift card appear in the email sent to the card recipient.

Example: if you decide to increase the amount of your "Valentine's Day" gift card, this update will affect the future "Valentine's Day" gift cards purchased. On the other hand, the "Valentine's Day" gift cards purchased before this modification will keep their initial balance.

You will be able to view all your gift cards in the section > Reservations > Gift Cards:

From this section you can find your current gift cards. By clicking on "details" you will have access to the updated information of the gift card (validity date, remaining amount), as well as the reservation(s) on which the gift card has been used.

Once the total amount of the card has been used up, it will no longer appear in the Reservations>Gift Cards tab.

You can add a page on your site dedicated to your gift cards. To do so, create your page from > Website > Pages. Choose the name of your new page and translate it into the languages available on your site. Then add your page to your top menu through the tab > Website > Menus. From the tab > Website > Website > Customize you will be able to personalize your page.

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