How to add a reservation?

Updated 10 months ago by Filipa

In order to add a reservation into your Amenitiz system, simply click on + Add reservation and follow these steps:

  1. Select dates of stay and click on > Set dates,
  2. Select rooms you want to include in this booking by clicking on > Add and confirm by clicking on > Next,
  3. Select pricing you want to apply in this booking by clicking on > Select and confirm by clicking on > Next,
  4. Selected rooms: Fill out the information of the chosen room by setting the number of adults and children and price. Do not hesitate to click on > Add extras if you want to add existing extras to the room. If multiple rooms, click on > Next room and follow the same procedure. If not, click on > Next to go to Summary.
  5. Summary: you have a summary of the booking. You can here at any time still modify the information.
  6. Add client info: you can either search for an existing client via the search bar or click on > Add new client and create a new clients' file. If you do so, do not forget that the First and Last name are mandatory information to validate the booking.
  7. Click on > Save booking to register your new booking.

It will be saved and appear on your > Reservations and > Planning tab!

If you wish to modify your reservation, do not hesitate to do it from > Reservations tab by going into the booking details.

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