How do I manage my blog ?

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With Amenitiz, you have the possibility to create your own blog, linked with your website. Having a blog with great articles contributes to better referencing on search engines like Google.

Note that the blog functionalities need to be activated on your account.

Setting up your blog

When activating the blog option, your website is automatically ready to host your blog.

You still need to add a link to access it from your website. This can be done easily from your admin page.

  • Go to Website > Menus
  • Click on the 3 dots next to the menu you want to change. The header menu is located at the top of the page, and the footer is at the bottom. Then click Edit a menu.
  • Click Add menu item. If there is more than one button with this name, please choose the last of the list.
  • Add a title for the new item (this will be displayed on your website). And select Blog index in the link dropdown.
  • Add and save.

You are all set. A new link to your blog has been added to your website.

Manage your articles

Now that your blog is all set, it is time to manage your articles.

Access your articles list

  • Go to Website > Blog.

If you already have articles, they will be displayed on the right section of the screen.

To edit an article, click on the article title (in blue).

To create a new article, click on Add an article.

Edit an article

In the editor page, you can write or modify your article.

1 - Define a title for the article

2 - Edit the content of the article. You can specify paragraph titles, subtitles and normal text (paragraph) using the magic wand icon. You can also put text in bold, list, add links and image

3 - Select in which language is the article written.

4 - Set if the article is ready (visible) or still a draft (hidden).

5 - Select a cover image in the Image section on the right.

6 - Link your article to a category (see below).

7 - Specify the author name.

8 - See a preview of how the article would appear on a search engine. You can edit the article SEO by clicking on Edit article seo.

Click on Save article to save the article. If you want to publish, please check that the visibility is set to visible.

Manage your categories

In the blog page, you can manage your articles categories.

Categories are group of articles dealing with the same subject.

  • On the blog page, click on Manage my categories
  • You can add a category or edit an existing one.

Creating a category

  • To add a category, click on Add a category.

From there, you can set a name for the category on different languages.

Editing a category

  • To edit a category, click on Edit.

Changing the appearance of the blog

The blog's appearance is managed the same way the rest of your website is.

  • To customize the look of your blog. Open your website builder and go to the page Blog.

Please refer to the articles explaining how to customize your website to learn more about this topic.

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