How do I add a photo to my image gallery?

Updated 1 month ago by Filipa

In order to add a photo to your image gallery, simply go to > Website > website > Customize:

You will then arrive at the homepage of your website. If it is not a change on the homepage you're trying to make, go to > Pages to find the page where you want to apply changes on the image gallery:

  1. On your left menu, scroll down to add a new block by clicking on > Add an element to add "Image gallery" or select the block "Image gallery" already created:
  2. In > Content you can add the photos you want by clicking on > Image/Add image:
  3. You have the choice of adding a photo from your computer, from the ones in your library, or from our database.
  4. Do not forget to click on > Save to save the changes.

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