How do I add a video on my site?

Updated 4 months ago by Filipa

In order to add a video on your website, simply go to > Website > website > Customize:

You will then arrive at the homepage of your website. If it is not a change on the homepage you're trying to make, go to > Pages to find the page where you want to add a video:

We do not have the ability to store videos directly on our servers. In order to post a video you will, therefore, have to put it on Youtube first. Then, you can simply insert the Youtube link in the box provided for this purpose.
  1. On your left menu, scroll down to add a new block by clicking on > Add an element to add "Video block" or select the block "Video block" already created:
  2. In > Settings you can adapt the size, in > Content you can add a title and it's where you'll input your youtube link video:
  3. Do not forget to click on > Save to save the changes.
On "Youtube video ID" you have to insert the URL of your YouTube video, it will then convert into an ID code that corresponds to the ID on the URL.

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