How do I change the text font on my website?

Updated 1 month ago by Filipa

In order to change the text font on your website, just click on > Website > Website > Customize :

You will then arrive at the homepage of your website. If it is not a change on the homepage you're trying to make, go to > Pages to find the page where you want to make the changes:

  1. Select the block that refers to the changes (it will be highlighted in red on the right side to distinguish the block from the rest):
  1. Please make sure that in the section > Content you have checked "Customize fonts" :
  1. You will find the section > Block fonts where you can customize the title, texts and button fonts:

Now you can change the font, size, style, weight, colour and alignment of the text.

  1. Please > Save to update the changes on your website.

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