How to import and export ical links?

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To access the iCal links of your accommodations, you can go directly to > Channel manager and then go to section > Icals :

  1. Internal calendar: From this section, you can directly copy the link and then integrate it on the desired travel website you wish to connect to. These iCal links are accessible at two levels:
  • Accommodation only: If the accommodation has no availabilities, it will appear as closed. If it has availabilities, it will appear as open.
  • Combination of accommodation+rate: if the accommodation has no availabilities, it will appear as closed. If it has availabilities and the rate is closed, it will appear as closed. If it has no availabilities and the rate is opened, it will appear as closed.
The iCal links given by a combination of accommodation+rate are a smart choice if you want to close/open as you would on Amenitiz or an OTA. If you have a cottage and 3 rooms and you created a specific rate for each, for example, you have the option to copy the link of that exact combination.
  1. External calendar: This option allows you to update the availability of your accommodations in two ways. You can now insert the iCal link of the external platform you wish to connect to.

Once you insert the link, click on the blue button to validate your action. A new window will pop up to warn you about the risks of overbooking:

As soon as this external calendar is associated with the accommodation, if you have a reservation through this external platform, your availability will be updated and it will be visible on your > Inventory.

This update will be made every hour, allowing to maintain the availability up to date between platforms.

Keep in mind that iCal links give you access to a simplified calendar used by some travel websites when a two-way connection is not possible. These calendars follow certain rules: there is no price, min/max stay nor closed for arrival/departure information and they only show days when accommodation is unavailable, all other days being considered as available. We are only updating availability information.
iCals updates follow the logic of reservations registered in the system, but they only update your availibity number on your Inventory. That is why it is important for you, whenever you get a booking through a platform connected through iCal links, to manually register the booking on Amenitiz.

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