How to apply a different rate to OTAs?

In order to apply a different rate to OTAs, simply go to your "Administrator" area and click on "Channel Manager" which is located on the vertical banner on the left of your screen.

Once on the channel manager, you will be able to define whether or not you want to apply a distributor rate.

If you have selected "yes", you will have access to the additional option "Specific price per OTA".

Price management allows you to choose between automatic or manual price management. Choosing automatic price management gives you access to the "Percentage change" option.

This percentage change corresponds to the additional percentage you want to apply to the different distribution channels.

Enabling the distributor rate gives you access to an additional rate line in the "Inventory" section allowing you to see the daily price sent to distributors.

If you select "manually" you will not have access to the change in the percentage change. You then manage the rates you wish to apply yourself, in the "Inventory" section. Conversely, if you select "automatically" the prices sent to the OTAs will be derived from the distributor rate based on the percentage you have entered.

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