How to manage my promotions ?

Promotions allow you to set discounted prices for specific conditions : either over a period of time or for early bird and last minute bookings.

Where to manage my promotions

The promotion management is accessible by clicking Booking Engine > Promotions.

On this screen you can see the list of the promotions you already created. By default, there are no promotions created.

To create a promotion, click on Create a new promotion.

Creating or editing a promotion

Promotion type

First, you are invited to choose the type of promotion you wish to create:

  • Basic: the promotion will be defined over a period of time that you choose.
  • Last minute: the promotion will be defined over a period of time that you choose AND if the reservation is made shortly before the date of stay.
  • Early Booking: The promotion will be set to a period of time you choose AND if the booking is made a long time before the date of the stay.
Some of the following settings change depending on the chosen promotion type.

Name and description

Regardless of the type of promotion, you must give it a name and description. Remember to do so for all the languages that you have activated.

Promotion settings

For the types "Early booker" and "Last minute"

When you choose the promotion type "early booking" or "last minute", you have access to a first setting to define the last minute or early booking policy.

For a early booker promotion

You can indicate how many days ahead of the booking date the promotion will apply.

For a last minute promotion

You can specify how far in advance the customer can benefit from this last minute promotion.

Common settings for all promotion types

Define a minimum required stay:

This setting allows you to define a minimum required stay for the promotion to be applied:

  • No minimum stay required
  • Apply the minimum stay defined in the associated rate plan: as you will see below, you will have to link a promotion to a rate plan. This promotion will be applied on top of the rate plan it is linked to, if the conditions are met.
  • Define a specific minimum stay for this promotion: this promotion will have a specific minimum stay, independently of the rate plan it is linked to. By choosing this, you will be able to enter the number of required nights.

Discount type

Here you can choose if the discount should be by percentage or by value.

You can then enter the discount value (value or percentage).

Select the rate plans to apply the promotion to (at least 1)

Your promotion must be applied to at least one of your rate plan. The promotion discount will be calculated on top of the rate plan price.

For example: if your rate plan specifies that the night costs 100€ and you have set up a last minute promotion of 10% If the person books less than 3 days in advance, then your price for a booking made 2 days ahead of the stay date will be 90€.

Be careful: Promotions are not applied to OTAs even if they are linked to an OTA rate plan.

Select the sales term you want to apply

Here you can choose which one of your existing sales terms should apply to this promotion. There can be different from the rate plan associated.

Select the rooms you want to apply the promotion to

Here you can select the rooms that you want to apply the promotion to.

Define the period of your promotion

This setting defines the date range during which the rooms should be booked to activate the promotion.

The promotion will be valid only the following days

Choose which days of the week the promotion should be applied to.

For example, you can specify a promotion only for rooms that are booked in January (period of the promotion), for the weekends.

For the Basic type of promotion only: advanced settings

For the basic promotion only, you can select when the promotion will be visible. The two other types of promotion already have rules for that (early booker or last minute), so this setting is not available for them.

For example, I want my promotion to be visible before Christmas, for reservations during the summer holidays. I will set the visible period from 12/01 to 12/25 and the period of the promotion from 07/01 to 08/31.

See your promotions in action

Your promotions will be displayed on your custom Website this way :

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