How can I create my city tax?

Updated 5 months ago by Filipa

To create your city tax(es), simply go to > Settings in the sidebar of your Amenitiz administrator area and then go to > Taxes:

A new page will open where you can check all your city tax settings. Click on > New city tax at the bottom right of your screen to create the city tax you wish to apply to your clients:

You will now be able to add a name to your city tax and the price you wish to apply. If you want, you can define a period for which this city tax will be applied:

Click on > Save to update the changes.

Reminder: You have the possibility to apply a different city tax per room and to include the city tax in your room price if you wish to:

The city tax is applied to your online website and is not sent to OTAs. To configure your city tax in your different connected platforms, do not hesitate to do it directly on the corresponding OTAs.

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