How to create and manage my promotions ?

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To create and manage your promotions, simply click on > Booking Engine in the sidebar of your Amenitiz administrator area. A submenu will appear below, click on the > Promotions tab:

Here you will have an overview of all promotions you created for your booking engine.

Promotions allow you to set discounted prices with specific conditions. For example a promotion over a specific period of time, a rule for early bookings, or a rule for last-minute bookings.

To create a promotion, click on > Create a new promotion:

  1. Promotion type: First, you'll be invited to choose the type of promotion you wish to create:
  • Basic: set for a chosen period of time;
  • Last minute: set for a chosen period of time AND if the reservation is made shortly before the date of the stay;
  • Early Booking: set for a chosen period of time AND if the reservation is made a long time before the date of the stay.

Some of the following settings change depending on the chosen promotion type
  1. Name and Description: Regardless of the type of promotion, you must give it a name and a description. Remember to do so for all the languages that you have activated:

  1. Specific promotion settings: when choosing the promotion type "early bird" or "last-minute" you have access to a first specific setting.
  • Last minute: You can specify how far in advance the customer can benefit from this promotion:
  • Early bird: You can indicate how many days ahead of the booking date the promotion will apply:

  1. Common promotion settings: these settings are general to any type of chosen promotion.
  • Define a minimum required stay: you can choose to not apply one, to apply the same one as the rate plan you will associate (next step), or define a specific one to this promotion independent from the linked rate plan (in this case, you'll be able to set the number directly).
  • Discount type: you can choose if the discount applied is in percentage or fixed value.
  • Select the rate plan(s): Your promotion must be applied to at least one of your rate plans. The discount will be calculated on top of the rate plan price.
Example: In your standard rate your night costs 100€. You set-up your Last-minute promotion with a 10% discount linked to this rate and a 3 days in advance policy. If a client books through your booking engine 2 days ahead of the stay date, the final price will be 90€.

  • Select the sales terms you want to apply: you can choose which one of your existing sales terms should apply to this promotion. They can be different from the rate plan associated:
  • Select the rooms you want to apply: you can select specific rooms to which you want to restrict your promotion for example:
  • Define the period and weekdays of your promotion: define the date range and weekday during which the rooms you just chose should be booked to activate the promotion:

Example: You can specify a promotion only for rooms that are booked in January, during the weekends.

  1. Advanced settings (only for Basic promotion type): you can select the time period of when clients will be able to book prior to the promotion:
Example: I set a promotion for the summer holidays and I wish this promotion to be visible on customer side before Christmas. I'll define the period of my promotion being from the 1st of July until the 31st of August and I will set the promotion to be visible from the 1st of December until the 31st of December.

Do not forget to click on > Save to update all these settings into your booking engine.

Be careful: Promotions are not applied to OTAs even if they are linked to an OTA rate plan. They are only applied to your booking engine.

  1. See your promotions in action: Your promotions will be displayed on your booking engine as it follows:

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