How do I manage the restrictions of my special offers?

In order to manage the restrictions of your special offers, you have the possibility to restrict the validity of your offer:

  1. Via a promotion code:

If you select "Yes", you will be able to enter the promotional code through which your customers will be able to access your offer.

  1. Depending on the booking dates.

If you select "Yes" you will have the possibility to define the dates of stay during which this offer will be bookable.

  1. According to a minimum and/or maximum length of stay.
    1. If you select "Yes", you can define the minimum and/or maximum number of nights for which this offer will appear in the available rates.

If you enter 0 as the value, then no restrictions will apply, this can be used for the maximum stay if you only want to set up a minimum stay.

  1. By day of the week.

If you select "Yes", you will be able to check the days of the week for which you wish to apply your special offer.

  1. By day of arrival or departure.

If you select "Yes", you will be able to indicate the arrival/departure days for which your customers will be able to select this offer.

If you want to know more and understand how to manage the general options or pricing of your special offers, we invite you to consult the other articles on this subject!

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