How do I change my booking engine? (Options part)

In the "Options" section of your booking engine, you can:

  • Enable pricing plans with the ability to create and modify additional pricing and restriction plans. This is an advanced option because it is a relatively complex option, so it is recommended only for users who have strong ease of use.

  • Ask for the customer's address when he/she is completing the booking form (If you choose the "no" option, only the country will be asked of the traveller!)

  • Define a reservation deadline after which you no longer wish to receive new bookings

  • Change the time zone of your property, even if we doubt you will ever move!

  • Allow the connection between rooms and a cottage: if you activate this option, you will be able to link several apartments together so that availability is shared and therefore ensure that if one is booked, the other no longer appears available!

  • Limit the number of possible bookings to the number of rooms in the category: to avoid any potential overbooking, we limit the maximum number of bookings for a room category to the maximum number of rooms it has.

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