How can I add an availability when there is already a reservation (overbooking)?

Updated 2 months ago by Filipa

In order to open a blocked availability, you can simply click on >Booking Engine and then >Booking Engine in the sidebar of your administrator space. Go to the "Options" section:

Here are the steps to follow in order to make this change:

  1. Select >Options at the top right
  2. Go down to the >Danger Zone and tick No.

  1. Save this operation.
  2. Go back to your >Inventory,
  3. Go to the reservation date you want to unlock:

  1. Manually change the 0 to 1 to restore the availability.
  2. Return to >Booking Engine and then >Booking Engine > Options,
  3. Go down to the Danger Zone and tick Yes.

  1. Save this operation again.

This is the operation you have to execute if you want to allow overbooking. You basically setting an availability again on a room whereas a booking is registered in the system and is still ongoing on this date and room.

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