How to create estimates ?

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In some cases, a client may ask you for a quote before moving forward with a reservation. Creating a quote is possible with Amenitiz.

  1. To access your quotes please go to the tab > Invoices and then to > Estimates:

Here you can see the list of all your estimates, their status, modify them, etc...

  1. Create an estimate:
    If the customer is a new customer, you have to create it beforehand in the section > Clients.
    Then click on > New:

Indicate the name of your client, the language and currency of the estimate. You also have the possibility to choose the name of the emitting company:

When you are finished, click on > Create.

  1. Modify as estimate: for each quote created, you always have the possibility to modify by going to > Options > Details and > Edit draft:

You will then go to the quote editor where you have the possibility to change:

  • Arrival, departure and validity date
  • Add and remove items (room, extras or other).

When everything is ready, click on > Finish editing at the top of the page to save your estimate.

  1. Send the estimate: You have the possibility to export it as a PDF and therefore send it/print it or send it directly by email:

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