How do I create estimates ?

In some cases, you might need to send estimates before the company confirms the booking.

This is possible in Amenitiz.

Access your estimates

  • To access the estimate tool, simply go to Invoices > Estimates.

From here, you can see the list of your estimates, their status, and edit them.

Create a new estimate

  • To create a new estimate, click on New.
  • Indicate the name of the client, their language and the currency of the estimate. If the client is a new one, you have to create it in the client section. When finished, click on Create.

Editing an estimate

From the estimate editor, different information need to be checked.

  • The check-in and check-out dates of the potential booking
  • The validity date of the estimate
  • Use the New item button to add an item. This item can be a room (from your rooms list), an extra charge (from your extra charges list) or a totally new a custom item (free field).

When everything has been added to your estimate, simply click Finish editing at the top of the page to save it.

Sending an estimate

You have two ways to send an estimate.

  • Download the estimate as a PDF and send it the way you want
  • Send it with one click by email using the Send button. You can then specify a message for the email, and confirm the email address of your client.

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