How to add Amenitiz on my Iphone (Apple)

The article concerns Apple users, we have another article for Android users.

  1. Apple:

  • First start with clicking on your navigator "Safari"

  • Go to the website you want to add as an icon on your smartphone, in this case

  • Once you are connected to Amenitiz, click on the "sharing" icon that you will find in your lateral bar on the bottom, right in the middle. it's the little square with an arrow going towards the top!

  • Scroll to the right side on the bottom part and you will find a "Add to Home Screen" icon, click on it!

  • You can then modify the name you wish to give to your icon. By default, this one'll be "Amenitiz".

  • You'll then have access to your Amenitiz from your home screen !

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