How to activate AmenitizPay ?

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Activating AmenitizPay is very simple! All you have to do is click on AmenitizPay in the menu.

Once you click on this, you will find yourself on the activation screen of AmenitizPay.

From here, click on Activate AmenitizPay

Once you have done that, you will have to go through our onboarding process, done in partnership with Stripe.

The onboarding process is mandatory to activate AmenitizPay. It is part of our security processes.

During the onboarding process, you will be ask for your personal information such as first name, last name, date of birth, full address etc... You might also be required to upload an ID document such as your national ID card or your passport. Finally, we will need your banking information in order to transfer your payments to you on a weekly basis.

The onboarding process should not take more than 3 minutes of your time!

Once you have completed the onboarding, we will need some time to verify your information. This verification process could take anywhere between 5 minutes and 48 hours.

Once we have validated your account, you will be notified by email and AmenitizPay will be activated.

Once your AmenitizPay account is validated, don't forget to complete the set up!

1. Choose where to use AmenitizPay: on OTA bookings, booking engine bookings or both

2. Set up your sales terms so that we can automate your payments for you. If you want more information on this, you can read about it here.

3. Fill in your general terms and conditions. Read this article for extra help!

In case your account is rejected, you will need to go through the onboarding again, fix what went wrong and we will reverify your account. If you need some help with that, read this article.

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