How do I automate payments on OTAs via AmenitizPay ?

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When your AmenitizPay account is activated, you will be able to automate your OTAs payment with AmenitizPay.

In order to activate, go to :

  1. AmenitizPay section
  2. Settings
  3. Tick the box indicating OTA payment

When activating this option, AmenitizPay automate the payments based on the sales terms of the reservation on AmenitizPay.

In order to use AmenitizPay for OTAs:You need to call the OTA to ask them to sreceive the credit cards if it is not the case yet, which means that the OTA will provide you with the credit cards on the reservations. You also need to ask them to enable CVC. If this option is not enabled, AmenitizPay will not be able to process the payments.This action should only be done once.

The OTAs can send 2 types of credit cards:

  1. Virtual credit cards

In the case the OTA sends virtual credit cards, payments will only be processed on the day the card is activated. The whole amount will be processed in one payment and pre-authorisations cannot be managed.

  1. Travelers' credit cards

In the case the OTA sends travelers' credit cards, AmenitizPay will charge the card regarding the settings of your Sales Terms on Amenitiz. So if you have a sales condition on Amenitiz where you take 50% on booking and then 50% on the day of arrival, AmenitizPay will debit the credit card following these rules, and held the pre-authorisation if you set up one.

If you have a specific rate plan for OTAs, you can also create a specific sales condition for OTAs.

AmenitizPay will work for Expedia in the case your payment method is either "Expedia Collect" (the  price of the reservation will exclude the Expedia commissions) or "Hotel Collect" (the  price of the reservation will include the Expedia commissions).

Only the payment automation settings will be managed for OTAs, you will still need to manage your modification and cancellation policies on the OTA.
AmenitizPay for the OTAs cannot work with Airbnb as this OTA proceeds the payments themselves and do not send the credit cards on the reservations.


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