Setting up the AmenitizPay Card terminal

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You have just received your AmenitizPay payment terminal, so this article guides you through the steps to configure it for the first time.
The payment terminal is available in France, Spain & Italy.


Card terminal configuration

  1. Open the box containing the payment terminal and retrieve the POS.
    Insert the battery and let it charge.
  2. Press the power button on the right side of the machine, as shown in this picture:Screenshot_2022-03-07_at_17.34.42.png
  3. Connect the terminal to your WIFI network

    You must connect your TPE on the same wifi network as your computer.

  4. On the main screen, swipe right to bring up the menu and go to Settings.
    Be sure to start from the far left of the touchscreen so that the menu appears!
  5. Add the following admin code: 07139
  6. Change the language if you wish, then go to Generate an association code.

Link with Amenitiz

  1. Connect your POS to Amenitiz:
    Go to your Amenitiz extranet, in the AmenitizPay tab > Terminals and click on "Connect terminal"
  2. Find the association code on your card terminal, and enter it on the page that just opened on Amenitiz, then click on "Connect your device":

  3. The physical payment terminal will show as registered, and will start performing updates.

The terminal is ready to receive payments!
Remember that payments must be initiated from your Amenitiz reservations.

This manipulation must be done only once and the device will remain connected to your Amenitiz account thereafter.

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