Check the arrivals, departures, and stay overs of the day

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View all the bookings that are due to check in and check out, as well as the client staying over


To see the day's arrivals, click on Planning in the sidebar of your administrator area and then on Arrivals.
You can view and manage the day's arrivals for all of your rooms, including viewing booking details and/or check-in if it hasn't already been done:


Click on Departures to see the departures of the day. As for the arrivals, you can view the day's departures for all of your rooms, including booking details and check-out option:


Click on Stay Overs to view the day's stay overs for all of your rooms, including viewing booking details:


In order to view the reservations in the Departures and Stay Overs section, you must have previously registered the check-in.

On your Dashboard, you also have a summary of the day which will show you the number of Check-ins, Check-outs, and Stay overs expected for the day



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