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Access the calendar view of your booking, choose between the expanded view or the compact view, and customize the colour code of your reservations.


To access the calendar view of your reservations, click on Planning in the sidebar of your administrator area. Then, go to Calendar:


You may see a pink line at the top called "Unallocated bookings", it corresponds to your bookings which are not linked to a room.

  • Choose between the expanded view or the compact view:

In the calendar section, you can set the display of your planning as an expanded view or as a compact view. The expanded view will focus on the reservations, while the compact view will allow you to have a wider view on your calendar.

Here is what the expanded view looks like:


Here is what the compact view looks like:


  • Customize the colour code of your reservations:

You can also decide to customize colour code for reservation status or payment status. to do so, click on Settings:


From here you will be able to select if you want the colours to be related to the Booking status, or the Payment status:

By selecting Booking status, your calendar bookings will be shown by the booking status (Booked, Checked in or Checked out):


When selecting Payment status, bookings colours in your calendar will be shown by the Payment Status (Paid, Unpaid, Partial Paid and Overpaid):


Don't forget to click on Apply to save the changes.

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