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Open or close a rate plan for a specific period on your inventory, to offer or not to offer a rate for booking, or to offer your accommodation for booking on platforms.
If your OTA rate plan is closed, then you will not be bookable on OTAs.


Here is a video explaining the opening and closing of the rate plans:

To open or close a rate plan for a specific time period, go to your
Inventory in your Amenitiz administrator area left sidebar.

Follow these steps to make this change:
    1. In Global View, go to Bulk Update
    2. Select the rate plan and period you which to open or close. On "action" choose Open rate, or Close rate. Do not forget to apply this to the specific room(s) you which to close:Untitled.gif

      For example, by opening your OTA rate, you open your accommodation for booking on OTAs.
    3. The change will be saved by clicking on Update > Confirm

By default, all rate plans will be closed.
To open several rate plans / offer your accommodation on all rate plans and all platforms, you will have to make this modification on each rate plan, and remember to do it every year, or do it several times to cover several years.

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