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You can add a new reservation to your Amenitiz account, it can be a manual reservation, a client calls you by phone, or reservations from OTA connected with iCal links. Before the connection with the channel manager and the launching and your booking engine, you also need to add your upcoming reservations on your Amenitiz account to block the availabilities. 
  • In order to add a reservation into your Amenitiz system, you can click on + Add reservation :


    Or you can add a reservation from the calendar (planning > calendar), in this case you can choose the check-in day and the room for this reservation:



    Then, you can follow these steps:

      1. Select dates of stay and click on > Set dates
        For legal reasons, it is not possible to add backdated/past reservations

      2. Select rooms you want to include in this booking by clicking on the "+" icon and confirm by clicking on > Next
        If you want to add a reservation for a room whose availability is 0, you still can do it on your side, but you have to make sure you are not overbooking.
        On this page, you can see the capacity of the room and the price.

      3. Select pricing you want to apply in this booking by clicking on > Select and confirm by clicking on > Next
        It will be your standard rate plan by default, but you can choose another rate plan if needed.
        If you created promotions, they will be available on the Booking engine only.

      4. Selected rooms: Fill out the information of the chosen room by setting the number of adults and children and price. If you have a city tax and a pricing per person, the price will be updated automatically. You also can change the price of the reservation if needed.
        Do not hesitate to click on > Add extras if you want to add existing extras to the room. If multiple rooms, click on > Next room and follow the same procedure. If not, click on > Next to go to Summary.


      5. Summary: you have a summary of the booking. You can here at any time still modify the information.

      6. Add client info: you can either search for an existing client via the search bar or click on > Add new client and create a new clients' sheet. If you do so, do not forget that the First and Last name are mandatory information to validate the booking.
        Do not forget to fill the country code of your guest to be able to contact them through Whatsapp if they are on Whatsapp:Screenshot_2022-10-04_at_15.34.34.png

      7. Click on > Save booking to register your new booking.

    It will be saved and appear on your > Reservations and > Planning tab!

    The guest will receive an email to accept the sales terms and make the payment for this reservation.

    A reservation is based on a check-in and check-out date, so It is possible to add a reservation with several rooms if the check-ins and check-out are on the same days. If a reservation has different check-in and check-out dates, you will need to add several reservations.

    When adding a new reservation manually, the confirmation mail will not be sent by default. You can send it by going in the details of the booking:


    You will still be able to modify your reservation after. Do not hesitate to do it from > Reservations tab by going into the booking details.

  • To add a new reservation from your application, you can first log in to the application.

    Then, click on the "+" to add a reservation:


    You can then select the dates of stay, the accommodation(s), the rate plan, change the price, add extras, and add the client information. Finally, you can manage your payments and make the guest accept your sales terms for this reservation.

    Then, you will be able to see the reservation in the calendar section of your application.

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