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It is possible to create new extras for the booking engine, in order to propose items that your clients can add on their reservation. Extras can also be visible for you only, to add as new charges on the reservations. This article explains how to add a new extra to your Amenitiz account.
  • Here is a video explaining how to create and manage your extras:

    To access your extras and therefore being able to add more, go to > Booking Engine in the sidebar of your Amenitiz administrator area. A submenu will appear below, click on > Extra charges:Screenshot_2021-09-20_at_15.39.55.png

    Here, you have an overview of all the extras you have created so far.

    If you have not yet created any extras, click on > Start to create your first extra. If you already have extras, click on > Create a new extra:Screenshot_2021-09-20_at_15.39.55.png

    You will now land on the extra form that you have to fill in.

        1. Name and description: enter the name and general description of the extra (these 2 fields are compulsory):

        2. Category: If you have created categories, here you have the possibility to link your extra to a specific category.

        3. Price calculation: you can indicate how the extra will be structured.
          You can calculate your extra in a fixed amount, or in %. You can set as extra in % in case you have a city tax in % for example.
          You can then calculate the price per article, or per guest. If you choose the price per guest, it will automatically be multiplied by the number of adults and children doing the reservation. You can choose this price calculation for breakfasts, or linen fees, for example.

        4. Settings:
          ere you will be able to:
          Apply automatically: by selecting "Yes", the extra will be mandatory for your clients, for the accommodation and pricing linked to this extra. It can be for example mandatory cleaning fees.
          Manual quantity: your customers will be able to select the desired quantity themselves or not. If you select "no", then the client will choose or not the extra, if you select "yes" then the clients will have the possibility to choose the desired quantity themselves. In this case, you can also put a maximum amount, per extra, per stay. Here is the difference between the two possibilities:Screenshot_2021-09-21_at_10.19.26.png
          Visible extra: by selecting "No", the extra will not be visible on your booking engine. You can still use it in your administrator area, to add charges of the stay on the reservations.
          Is it a tax: Indicate here if this extra is a tax or not, it can mainly be for city taxes calculated per adult + child , or calculated in %.

        5. Availability:
          Screenshot_2021-09-21_at_11.17.16.pngHere you will be able to:
          Limit the access to this extra according to one or several accommodations, for a cleaning fee applied to only one cottage or flat for example.
          Limit the access to this extra according to one or several rate plans, for example for a rate plan with a meal included.
          Apply this extra once in the stay or every day of the stay, and limit the access according to a specific day of the week, if you do not propose breakfasts on Mondays for example.

        6. Prior notice:

          If you want this extra to be booked in advance in order for it to be available, for example if you need 1 day to prepare the dinner extra.

        7. Restrict by date of stay:
          Restrict this extra to a specific date/period of the year, for example if you propose an access to your pool, but only in summer.

        8. VAT rate:Screenshot_2021-09-21_at_12.00.49.png
          You can indicate the specific vat rate you want to apply for this extra, for your VAT report.

    Click on > Save to update all your settings for this extra!


    When you finished creating your extras, you can have a view of how it appears from your booking engine, click here to see how to make design tests on it before it is launched.

    The extras created on Amenitiz will not be sent to the OTA, if you need the same extras on the OTA you have to create them on the OTA side !

  • To add a new extra from the application, follow the next steps:

    1. You can first log in to your application.
    2. Then, click on the reservation you want to manage, either from the “activity” tab, or from the "calendar" tab.
    3. You will be landed on the details of the reservation, from here you can click on "Add an extra":

    4. You can then add your extra. Only extras already added on your Amenitiz account can be selected.
      Choose to only update the charges on the reservation, or to also process the payment for this extra:
    5. If you chose to process the payment, this page will open:
      You can click on the payment option you want and make your payment.

    6. Your reservation will be updated with this new extra.

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