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Before launching the booking engine or website, or before redirecting the website, you can do some tests to make sure your booking engine is properly set up. This article guides you on how to do tests on your booking engine before its launch.


  1. If you have the website with Amenitiz you can simply go into your website from the arrow next to the "website" section and click on "Book" or "Search":access_website_EN.gif

  2. If you don't have a website with Amenitiz, your booking engine's link will be the URL of your Amenitiz dashboard page, you will just have to delete "admin" and add " booking/room ".
    Example: from to


Do not forget to open your rate plans visible on Amenitiz. Click here to see how to open your rate plans.

If you do a fake reservation from your Booking engine, do not forget that this reservation will appear on your extranet, you will be able to cancel it but it will always appear on your Amentiiz account. For this reason, we do not recommend you to make fake reservations from your website.

Testing your booking engine will allow you to verify that the right rate plans are open on the right periods of the year, your restrictions, and extras are properly set, the ads of your accommodations and the design of your booking engine.

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