What is AmenitizPay?

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​​AmenitizPay is the payment system provided by Amenitiz. It will handle, automate and centralize all the payments, in a totally secure way, from the moment the guests give their credit card details.


  • Schedule and automate payments: decide when you want to charge your guests and create automatic rules for direct and OTA bookings.
    Set payment schedules, and guests’ payments will follow these rules. Here is an example of a payment schedule:


    In case something happens in your property, you can block an amount of money on the credit card of your guests thanks to the preauthorization.

    Pre-authorisations are used to block an amount on your guest’s credit card in case something goes wrong. This amount is blocked on the day of check-in and are automatically released 7 days after check-in. Here is an example of a pre authorisation automation


  • Manage payments from your admin area: Charge and Refund the guests, secure your reservations taken by phone by sending payment links by email to the guests or SEPA transfer requests.
    Manage everything from the reservation, here is what it looks like:

  • Manage on site payments: Make your clients pay directly on site with a physical credit card with the payment terminal.


  • Centralize payments: Save money by making your daily accounting much simpler thanks to centralisation and reports.
    Receive your reconciliation report every week, find your payments reports and stay up to date with the payments summary:


  • Adapt the payment solution to your needs: If you are a property manager, split AmenitizPay payouts between different bank accounts.


  • Reassure your clients: AmenitizPay is handling 3D Secure transaction and is fully PCI-compliant. It is easy to use for your guests with its ApplePay and GooglePay integration.


AmenitizPay accepts payments from the following credit cards:Screenshot_2023-02-16_at_14.27.53.png

You can visit the AmenitizPay page on our website here.

Find here the article that explains how to activate AmenitizPay on your account.


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