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How to configure Portal das Finanças with InvoiceXpress

If your hotel has multiple Amenitiz accounts and you want to associate them with the same NIF in InvoiceXpress:
The current configuration will work as long as:

  • Create a new activation for each hotel
  • Use the same NIF
  • You can also use the same email if desired
  • Use a different company name
  • Set a different default registered series for each account in InvoiceXpress

If you are trying to configure InvoiceXpress in Portal das Finanças, here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Click the links

The first step is to click on the two links provided below:

  1. The InvoiceXpress article that explains how to configure things in Portal das Finanças
  2. The link to Portal das Finanças

The article requires you to follow the Portal das Finanças link above:

Step 2: Create a new user

  1. Log in and click on create a new user:


  2. Set a name and password to be able to log in later to the InvoiceXpress platform.

    a. Check the appropriate boxes:

     1. WFA - Comunicação de dados de faturas
     2. WDT - Comunicação de dados de documentos de transporte.
     3. WSE - Comunicação e Gestão de Séries por webservice


Step 3: Confirm that invoice configuration settings are correct

  1. Check if all the information in the invoice configuration settings is correctly set:

    Required fields:

    • Name
    • VAT number ("Número de IVA") - Here you should enter your Portuguese NIF (always starts with 5)
    • All address fields
    • Email (will be used to send credentials to the InvoiceXpress account)


    • Phone


  2. Once all the information is properly filled in and saved, click on the "Activate billing" button.


  3. You will receive an email with details to activate InvoiceXpress.

  4. In this email, follow the link: and use the specified email and password.

    a. IMPORTANT - ⚠️ You will have to change the InvoiceXpress password once the configuration is finished.

  5. Once in InvoiceXpress, go to ATCUD


  6. When on the following page, click on "Inactive Link - Configure" where the credentials to enter should be the ones you created in Portal de Finanças.



  7. Once the login is successfully done, you need to activate the sequence. Until the connection with the Tax Authority is successful, this activation won't be possible.

  8. Activate the communication of invoice information with the Tax Authority. There are 2 options (cannot be changed in the middle of a fiscal year):

    1. Once a month, download the SAF-T XML report from InvoiceXpress and submit it to the Tax Authority (manually).
    2. Automatically done by InvoiceXpress daily.

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