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SmartPricing by Amenitiz is an excellent tool for optimizing your revenue strategy. With the ability to see price recommendations at a glance, understand the data behind them, and keep an eye on your competition, you can make informed decisions that maximize your profit.


Settings Step 1: 

To access the Smartpricing settings you need to log in to your Amenitiz account. Once you have logged in, you can access it by clicking on the "Inventory" tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard and then "SmartPricing" on the dropdown menu. 


Step 2: Keep an Eye on Your Competition

It's essential to compare your establishment with the right competitors, this is a key step for having better price suggestions, SmartPricing lets you quickly compare your prices to the top three competitors for each group of your rooms or properties with similar characteristics.

Here's how to create the first group:

  1. Click on "+Create new", select your first group of accommodations and its own URL
  2. Assign your top three competitors for that group
  3. Copy + paste from the links 
  4. Choose the minimum length of stay you want to track
  5. Name the Competitor Set and Save
  6. Add another one if needed - (Premium version only)


Choose a Minimum night stay (new version): you can add the minimum night stay to the existing compset you have created by following these steps:  

  1. Go to Smartpricing
  2. Click on "Edit compset"
  3. Click on "Minimum night stay"
  4. select the number of nights (by default, you will have the 1-night min night set)
  5. Click on "Save"


It takes up to 24h to update the information

Step 3: Set your limits (Premium version only)

You can set limits and make sure the algorithm doesn't go over a minimum or a maximum price you've chosen. 

  1. Click on "Pricing Limits"
  2. Inform a minimum and maximum Price for each accommodation


Step 4: Navigate and approve prices recommendations 

Updating the price is as easy as a click. You can select a specific price to change or bulk select all suggested prices, just the increments or decreases, and update them with one click.

Price recommendations are visible up to 15 days in the future and 180 days for (Premium version only)

  1. Go to "Inventory"
  2. Consult the "Price recommendations" Line
  3. Apply price individually or in bulk  


You're all set!




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