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If you activated the invoicing tool on your account, you will be able to generate and manage the invoices you send to your clients. This article explains how it works.


You can create an invoice from a reservation, from a client after grouping charges or independently from a reservation.

Click here if you have doubts on how to create an invoice.

Once the invoice is created, you can find them in the Invoices > Invoices tab of your admin area:



The status: You can see if the invoice is still in draft from, if it was confirmed (issued), if it has been cancelled.

The Payment status: You can see the status of the payment linked to the invoice (paid, unpaid...).

Date: It is the date the invoice was created.

Number: This is the invoice numbering sequence. You can change it before the 1st invoice generated only.

Client: The client to whom the invoice is addressed.

Amount: The amount of the charges of the invoice.

Email: If you have the email address of your guest, you can send the invoice directly by email to your client.

Options: From here, you can see the details of the invoice, download it and cancel it.
If you cancel an invoice which has been paid, a credit note will be generated automatically.

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